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The border between the villages of Castor and Ailsworth is almost imperceptible as you follow the Peterborough Road along the northern flank of the Nene Valley. At the junction with Thorolds Way, the attentive may spot a picturesque wooden sign proclaiming their arrival in the village – although their confusion might not be completely lifted, as the sign uses the alternative spelling of ‘Ailesworth’.

The sign features idyllic depictions of the kinds of agricultural activities that shaped the local landscape and once sustained the villagers here. Nowadays, however, while the rolling fields around retain their appeal – and practical use – the people of Ailsworth have a much more relaxed existence. The 550 inhabitants have everything they need for a peaceful life close at hand, and this makes the village the perfect place to spend one’s retirement and old age.

We at Greenwood Homecare understand how important it is to take advantage of the pleasant surroundings of home, even when less mobile. Our carers can help in a variety of ways, from providing companionship and occasional house calls to full-time care. Whatever it is that helps you live an independent life.

The benefits to life in Ailsworth are there to be enjoyed: trips out to events at the Methodist chapel, down to the village allotments (which date back to 1897) or to the confusingly named Castor Coffee! If you need a carer to accompany you out, or just to help with tasks around the house so you can spend more time on the things that matter, Greenwood Homecare can provide.

Dignity and independence are our guiding principles and we specialise in individually tailored care for all of our clients, whether they are managing chronic conditions or simply undergoing a short-term recuperation.

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Ailsworth: Did You Know?


The name ‘Ailsworth’ comes from an original Old English name meaning ‘land belonging to Agel’. Naturally, we know nothing of Agel, but in more recent years, much of the surrounding land was part of the estate based out of Milton Hall, just a mile or two to the east of the village.


Ailsworth has grown a lot in recent years, but the historic core of the old village is still very visible. There are twenty-five listed buildings in the village as well as four scheduled ancient monuments.


As well as using the less common spelling ‘Ailesworth’, the village sign, erected in 1981, commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of the village’s Women’s Institute.

Ailsworth is mentioned in the Domesday Book, under the name ‘Eglesworde’ and settlement on the site goes back to the Saxons. Still today 20% of the village fabric is over a hundred years old, with prominent buildings dating from the Seventeenth, Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries.

In recent years, the villages of Castor and Ailsworth have been working in conjunction with each other and with Peterborough City Council on (individual but linked!) Neighbourhood Plans. The plans aim to help the settlements “to evolve and expand whilst retaining their distinctive rural character, and to provide an outstanding quality of life for current and future generations of residents.”

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