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Situated a mere three miles west of central Peterborough and just two miles south of Peterborough city hospital, Longthorpe is an ideally situated suburb that enjoys all the benefits of the English countryside

Longthorpe Tower sits proudly in the midst of this picturesque suburb, and has done since 1300 AD. The medieval wall paintings that decorate its interior make this spot renowned well beyond local acclaim, as the tower became a symbol of both power and refuge.

An attachment to our home town and its treasures can make us reluctant to relocate in later life, and we believe that individuals have the right to continue enjoying their independence for as long as possible. That’s why we’ll work with you to identify your exact home assistance needs, and tailor a care plan that helps you continue to enjoy life’s pleasures.

Whether it’s shopping, cooking or toiletry assistance, our friendly, approachable staff are here to lend a helping hand. We’re based locally and are available 24/7 if required, so our carers will always be there for you when you need them.

For more information, contact us on 01733 808531, or email us at hello@greenwoodhomecare.co.uk.

Longthorpe: Did You Know?


The manor adjoining Longthorpe Tower dates from earlier than the tower itself. Its owner, Robert Thorpe, had the tower built and decorated as a showy, but rather impressive, status symbol.


Longthorpe’s rich history runs far deeper than Medieval times. The remnants of a Roman fortress large enough to house half a legion have been uncovered on the south bank of the river Nene.


Thorpe Wood Nature Reserve is an unexpected woodland haven among the suburbs of Peterborough. Visit in Summer and you can expect to hear woodpeckers tapping in the trees.

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Elderly care


Respite care



Reablement / post-surgery

Dementia and Alzheimers

Palliative care

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We will agree a time to come and visit you in your own home. We will take the time to fully understand your care needs, and provide recommendations as to what type of care is required.

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Once agreed, we will begin to deliver the care. Whether hourly, live-in, or night care, we will endeavour to deliver the best possible care.