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Home to around five hundred residents, Polebrook is a small and friendly village situated south east of Peterborough. Now a quiet and peaceful area, Polebrook stands out from its neighbours for its airfield, which was a key strategic point for the RAF during World War Two. Nowadays, you can pay your respects by visiting the memorial in Polebrook church.

From its origins as an early settlement in 400 BC to the present day, Polebrook has held onto its tranquil, countryside charm. If you enjoy the comforts of a peaceful village life, the idea of uprooting to residential accommodation is far from appealing. At Greenwood Home Care, we take the time to come to you and provide whatever assistance you need to continue living independently.

From doing the weekly shop to bathing and continence management, our friendly staff are trained to support you whatever your needs, and will work with you to find the best times to lend a hand. With the right home care, you can continue to enjoy village life, safe in the knowledge that there’ll always be someone there when you need them.

For more information, contact us on 01733 808531, or email us at hello@greenwoodhomecare.co.uk.

Polebrook: Did You Know?


During the Second World War, actor Clark Gable spent time at Polebrook, and would make morale-boosting tours of the local area.


The King’s Arms in Polebrook has been hailed as ‘the perfect English pub’, and enjoys five star reviews from satisfied customers.


In the eighth century, Polebrook was known by the slightly less catchy name ‘Pokebroke’. Proof that there have been changes for the better in the village’s history!

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