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Stilton is a name that has travelled far and wide, although it would be hard to guess at this pleasant little village’s international fame from looking at it today. Travel has always been key to the village of Stilton: located about six miles south of Peterborough, the village has sat on a major transport route since Roman times and wayfarers have carried its reputation – and its cheese – to distant parts of the country.

Since the opening of the A1 bypass in 1958, the importance of Stilton as a staging post has declined, but it remains well located for anyone with friends and family in other parts of the country. With the busy motorway diverted but close at hand, Stilton itself has become the perfect place for those looking for a getaway for retirement. The village is also admirably served by our team of carers, for those who need assistance to live independently and make the most of what Stilton has to offer.

The village certainly has a lot to offer: there is an active community of all ages in Stilton, with regular events for all and a regular newsletter to tell you all about them. Of particular interest to the older inhabitants, there are weekly meetings of the over-60s club, involving games, talks and socialising. The club, associated with Age Concern, also runs days out for its members. For the more outdoors-oriented, there are gardening and walking groups – the latter known as the ‘Stumblers’, rather than ‘Ramblers’!

At Greenwood, we understand the independence to enjoy social interactions like these is an important part of growing old. That’s why our care plans can be tailored to individuals, to provide as much or as little support required to live a fulfilling, active life in somewhere like Stilton. Our trained staff can help with household tasks, medication and exercises or round-the-clock care for short periods or long-term.

There’s plenty to enjoy about life in Stilton – from the 13th Century church of St Mary Magdalene to the historic Bell Inn, from the Stilton Oaks golf course to the rolling countryside around with nature reserves such as Holme Fen. Our aim is to help you enjoy the benefits and comfort of your own home with dignity for as long as possible.

For more information, contact us on 01733 808531, or email us at hello@greenwoodhomecare.co.uk.

Stilton: Did You Know?


Stilton-style blue cheese first became popular through being served at the coaching inns of Stilton, and may have been invented in the village. By the Nineteenth Century, the main centres of production had moved further east to Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire, though the cheese was still widely available in Stilton.


Because of this, Stilton cheese cannot now officially be produced in Stilton! The cheese was granted Protected Designation of Origin in 1996, meaning that only cheese made in the traditional manner in Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire can be marketed as ‘Stilton’. Locals have challenged this decision and hope that one day Stilton cheese will once again be made in the village.


The annual May Day festivities at Stilton have involved a competitive game of cheese-rolling since the sport was invented in the 1960s to attract visitors to the village.

The name ‘Stilton’ derives from Stichiltone, which is recorded in the Domesday Book and means a village by a stile or steep slope. Since Roman times, the village has been situated on the major north-south route that became known as ‘Ermine Street’ and later the ‘Great North Road’.

As such, the village prospered through the passing trade heading north and south. There were as many as fourteen roadside inns providing bed and board for weary travellers. Of the population of 500 or so in the Nineteenth Century, those that weren’t farmers were mostly involved with the public houses.

It was in these coaching inns that we first hear of the cheese being served, and several (such as The Bell Inn and The Angel) still exist today. The town was already famous for its cheese by the time that Daniel Defoe visited in 1722

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