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What is Companion Care and How It Helps the Elderly

Find out about companion care and how it can benefit the life of the elderly person receiving extra help and support.

Companion care is a type of care that enables a person in need of care to remain independent in their own home. Although the main point is to provide companionship for the person receiving the care, additional services are usually offered, including help with cleaning the house, personal care, medication and nutritional help (cooking and feeding). This type of care is similar to home care but for less serious needs and is highly beneficial to the ageing population in the UK. Residential care is often not the best solution depending on the level of care needed, and so an alternative like companion care is an important part of ensuring those in need of care, get the help they need.

How Companion Care Helps The Elderly

The role of a companion carer is unique to their client. In some instances, it may literally just be providing companionship to them, helping them avoid loneliness. It can also mean that the person is able to:

  • Remain in their own home
  • Remain with their pet
  • Remain with their partner
  • Enjoy independence in their own home
  • Receive help with eating
  • Receive help with personal care such as going to the toilet and washing
  • Get help with transportation to important appointments, and to social events
  • Stay safe in their home
  • Stay as healthy as possible, prolonging quality of life

There are some exceptional benefits to companion care as listed above, and it is possible to have individually tailored support which makes the service truly unique.

Is Companion Care Right For Me?

If you or your loved one are no longer able to enjoy a safe or manageable quality of life at home but you do not wish to go into a care home then companion care could be a great idea. It can be arranged on a temporary or more permanent basis, and can start with home visits rather than complete live-in care, depending on what you need. If you are a couple and you both require care, live-in care can be an affordable alternative to individual resident places in care homes.

Arranging Companion Care

If you are interested in arranging companion care, speaking to your GP or social worker first is a good idea. They can arrange an assessment which helps you to understand the level of care needed. You also need a care assessment to apply for any financial help you are entitled to.

You may also wish to have a look through our website for information on live-in care and how it could work for you. Start here with What is Live-in Care?

The more information you have, the more informed you will be when it comes to taking that next step to arranging the best possible care for you or your loved one.

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