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Whittlesey, or to give it it’s historical name Whittlesea, is a charming market town found in the beautiful Fenland district of the English county of Cambridgeshire.

The town has been connected to nearby Peterborough, which lies 6 miles to the west, since a Roman Road was constructed in the first century – these days called the Fen Road, it still exists today and reains a vitally important part of local transport infrastructure. Those Romans certainly knew what they were doing!  

Well, just as the Romans knew yesterday, so we know today – that dedication, care and attention can bring remarkable, long lasting results. This is a belief that we look to utilize every day to provide outstanding Home Care Services to the people of Whittlesey.

Our home care services are designed around you, and can be easily tailored to the level of support that you require. Because we recognize that independence is important, we don’t want to be taking up all of your time if you don’t need us – think of us more as helping hand.

Our highly dedicated care staff is therefore available for anything from 30 minutes slots per day up to a full, residential 24 hour service – and anything in between. The range of services our staff can provide for you is again an exhaustive range that can be easily customised to meet your specific requirements. Anything from pet care assistance to dressing and washing – our staff are on hand to assist with whatever home based care assistance you may require.

As your care needs may increase over time so too can our level of support.  It is for this reason then that our bespoke care service can be expanded into a full, 24/7 live in care service if required.

For more information, contact us on 01733 808531, or email us at hello@greenwoodhomecare.co.uk.

Whittlesey: Did You Know?


Despite giving the impressions that is a somewhat sleepy market town, Whitlesey is in fact blessed with two incredible, and somewhat raucous annual festivals. The first is the Whittlesey Summer Festival, which runs every September and pretty much takes over the town centre with a wide range of food stalls, classic car displays, a fairground – even a flyover performed by veteran aircraft from World War 2.


The second festival to be enjoyed here celebrates the very old, if somewhat strange custom of the Straw Bear. Every year on Plough Tuesday (the first Tuesday after Twelfth Night), to celebrate the traditional start of the English Agricultural Year a man (or sometimes even a boy) is decked out in a head to foot covering of straw. His “keeper” and an accompanying band then lead the “bear” through the streets of the town whilst the town residents join in with singing and dancing.


The Straw Bear festival is no doubt that little bit more entertaining if those taking part have a little tipple or two. If you too like a drink, then Whittlesey could be the place for you – at least historically it would have been. Today the town has a number of lovely and attractive inns and pubs. Local legend has it however, that at one time despite its small size the town boasted exactly 52 pubs – one for every week of the year!

The first record of the town is in the Domesday Book of 1086 as Witesie – for those keeping count, this is now the third name the town has had!

It may be hard to believe these days but Whitlesey used to be an Island surrounded by marshy fens. The Roman road we mentioned above was originally constructed on a gravel bed some 60 feet high to keep it clear of the waters of the fens and the surrounding marshes. The marshes and fens were drained over time however to make way for the exceptionally rich farmland for which the surrounding area is famous.

The marketplace remains the heart of the town, a weekly market taking place there for centuries and leading all the way up to the present day. Because of the close proximity of the much larger city of Peterborough, the market today is no longer the primary commercial centre for the residents of Whitlesey. That being said, it remains a popular and traditional feature of this pretty and deeply historic town.

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