Elderly Care in Peterborough

Growing old can bring about a number of changes to your lifestyle but at Greenwood Homecare we recognise that the individual doesn’t really change. Alongside essential practical support, our highly-qualified carers treat your loved one with compassion and dignity.

As well as tailoring our services, we also recognise the necessity of maintaining routine and enabling older people to enjoy lives as independently as possible while receiving the support they need.

Our carers can offer services such as food preparation, dressing, washing and medical assistance as well as shopping and ironing. Take a look at our personal care services in more detail. Carers can also build into each routine visits to and from friends and family members in order to help clients to stay in touch with their loved ones.

It can be a difficult decision to recognise that an older relative or friend is in need of permanent support. That is why we ensure that our team of carers are not only highly qualified but demonstrate empathy and initiative. They get to know your loved one’s needs, preferences and limitations and provide care accordingly.

Call us on 01733 808531 to discuss your situation and we will be more than happy to provide more information about our elderly care services.

Help when you need it

Daytime visits

Daytime visits provide support for you from 1h up to all day long.

Overnight care

Depending on your needs our carers can be awake throughout the night or on-call and able to assist when needed.

24/7 Live-in care

Our live-in care services give you 24/7 support, providing a better alternative to care home.
More About Elderly Care

Getting older comes with its own set of challenges and needs so at Greenwood Homecare we’re committed to providing practical, personalised elderly care that respects the individuality and dignity of our elderly clients.

Our focus is on offering support that helps those with elderly care needs live independently, comfortably, and with the companionship they deserve.

Whether you need carers for relatives on a daily basis, live in care, nursing care or even ad-hoc respite care, we’re here to provide the perfect personal care plan.

Read on to find out how Greenwoood Homecare is a better option than residential care.


Understanding Which Elderly Care Service Would Suit

Aging is different for everyone, and we understand that only too well. A Greenwood Homecare carer is trained to consider the physical, emotional, and social aspects of our clients’ lives when assessing the need for care.

We aim to create a care plan that addresses specific challenges, from mobility issues to changes in cognitive function, always with empathy and understanding.

When Care Homes Aren’t the Right Choice

We know only too well that care at home is the preference for many of our elderly clients over residential care homes. It allows them to keep charge of their daily routines, and get the right help from home care services when they need them. This is not a standardised, institutionalised form of care but personalised care tailored to individual needs.

Also, a care home is unlikely to allow pets, while in home care can be arranged so that the carer will help look after the daily needs of a pet as well as the client.

Even nursing homes for people with medical needs are not the only option, nor the best choice for everyone.

Social Issues

Some care homes may be unsuitable due to location, and those in residential care may well struggle to visit places they would be nearer to at home. Not being able to visit friends, a community centre, local club or church can result in more social isolation.

Furthermore, care home visits by friends may only be possible at specific times so limit how often friends can visit. Location also plays a part on how easy it is for friends to visit, especially if transport links are poor.

In essence, home care services allow you the support you need with any health, illness or mobility needs, including managing your medication and housekeeping services without the need to consider care homes.

elderly people holding hands

Promoting Independence With Home Care

We believe in empowering people to maintain their independence where they can. A carer can work closely with clients to create a care plan that encourages self-sufficiency while providing the necessary elderly care and support needed.

From helping with daily activities to making living spaces safe and accessible, we’re here to support, whether people want to stay in their own home and receive quality nursing care, or whether they simply need respite care after a hospital stay.

Every client is different, and requires a unique approach to elderly care. To this end, we listen to our clients and their families and work to provide the dedicated support that best fits their needs.

Comprehensive Personal Care, Respite Care, Live-in Care and Tailored Support


Greenwood Homecare offers a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our elderly clients. Whether it is live-in care, dementia care, or specialist care for conditions such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, having their own carer who has experience in the specific issues our clients face is paramount when it comes to enjoying their lives in their later years.

Our caregivers can assist with daily tasks like personal hygiene, helping prepare meals, medication management, and mobility support.

Beyond that, we prioritise social activities and companionship to ensure that, despite any problems a client has, they can live in the best way possible in their later years.

Remaining In Your Own Home When A Care Home Is Not The Best Option

Our focus is the overall well-being of our clients. A carer from Greenwood Homecare does not only provide physical assistance but also focuses on mental and emotional support, which is not always what you receive in residential care.

Engaging in activities that stimulate cognitive function, offering companionship to combat loneliness, and promoting a positive outlook on life are integral parts of our approach to care.

elderly lady crocheting - doing crafts

Care That Goes Above And Beyond

Every life is a unique story, and we want to help people continue to benefit from care at home that allows them to live as they wish.

Through reminiscence therapy, engaging activities, and companionship, our elderly carers aim to create an atmosphere where clients feel valued and appreciated for the life they’ve led.

We are a care provider that helps navigate the complexities of growing older, and needing extra support. A Greenwood Homecare carer allows clients to remain in their own home rather than having to go into a nursing home or care home, if this is their preference.

Safety and Comfort Are Paramount

Creating a safe and comfortable living environment is a top priority. Our caregivers undergo rigorous training in safety protocols and emergency response just as those working in a care home would do.

From fall prevention measures to regular home assessments, Greenwood Homecare ensures our clients feel secure and at ease in their homes.


Financial Support For The Right Care

It is essential that elderly care services match the budget available. While some local council care services are appropriate for some people, others may not be eligible to access financial support for social care.

If you are worried that residential care would be the only option within your personal budget, we can help work out whether you could have care and support delivered in your own home instead.

Our advisors can provide a free assessment to see whether you could be eligible for help with the cost of care, and discuss taking the first step to finding the right care at a cost that is affordable.


Connecting Carers With Families

While paid carers are not family, they can become an integral part of the dynamic, particularly when a person opts for home care over residential care.

Whether our carers offer respite care for a few weeks, helping after an operation until the client can move around their own house safely again, or help an older person with long term conditions such as dementia care on a live-in basis, open communication and collaboration with families is encouraged and important to us.

This can help to create a supportive network that enhances the quality of care we provide. Keeping relatives informed about their loved ones’ well-being promotes the ultimate trust and transparency in our approach.

Carers For Elderly People Improve Quality Of Life In Later Years

For us, home care is not just a service we provide, but a commitment to enhancing the quality of life for each client with their individual needs.

We know home care support needs vary depending on a number of factors, such as whether home adaptations are present, whether the client has an illness or other health condition, and how they prefer to receive care.

We also know that seniors may not always “click” with some carers, which is why we take care to make a careful assessment when helping find a carer for any client.

Remember – Residential Homes Aren’t The Only Option

If you or your loved one needs dedicated and compassionate elderly care, Greenwood Homecare is here for you. Contact us today to discuss how our services can be tailored to meet your specific needs and provide the care that promotes a life lived to the fullest possible.

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